Race bib book

The last time we were at the bookstore we picked up an "Indestructible" book for Ellis.  It is made of paper but is "chew-proof and rip-proof".  Indestructible paper, basically.  Ellis is obsessed with it.  We keep it in the car because he loves to thrash it around when he's sitting in his car seat.  


After last Sunday's race, I noticed that my race bib was the same kind of paper that this book was made out of.  Race bibs are both rip proof and water proof.  I usually throw my race bibs away, but Reuben always keeps them.  I was thankful (this one time) for that.  So Reuben lovingly laid out his precious race bibs (a handful of my triathlon bibs were in the pile, too) and I picked out a few, including last Sunday's race, to make a little book for Ellis.  

There were already holes in the corners, so I tied them up in a bunch with string.  Easiest "book" ever.

I can imagine many a tale being told from this book o' bibs.  "Once upon a time, on a cool, crisp, morning, Daddy ran a marathon...."

It's rip-proof.  Chew-proof.  Everything-proof.  And free! 

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