This is my new oven.

mmmm fresh bread

Asians aren't really known for their baking, so ovens aren't very common here.  They almost never come built-in with a house.  What's most likely is for the baking-minded people like me to have table-top ovens, like this one. They bake a bit differently than a built-in oven, but I've gotten used to it.  I've even figured out the Fahrenheit-Celsius conversions.  This oven replaces my old one, whose heating element went haywire and it only had one temperature: about 500 degrees. 

While I'm talking about baking, I thought I would take you to my go-to baking shop.  "Bakery Paradise," it's aptly called.   I get things like flour, yeast, spices, oats, whipping cream, etc. here.  I also bought Ellis's birthday hat from here.

The owner is a funny guy and we had several conversations last year about how he knew that the world was going to end (back when the Mayan calendar ended).  He had a complex theory about the planets and stars all aligning.  He's still here. 

Many stores in Malaysia go by the theme, "how many things can I stuff into this small space?"

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