Children's library

I love a good library.  It's my favourite public service.  I was excited to hear about a children's library right here in Penang.  And not only that, but it has a toy library (which is more like a playroom)!   I was excited to check it out and went with a friend yesterday afternoon.  It turns out I drove past it all the time when driving to work, but never knew what it was because the sign wasn't in English.  Now I know!

Children's library from the outside.

So Asian.  Shoes off at the door!

The toy library.  

Upstairs, in the book section
Ellis is going to be getting his very own library card soon!  The books itself were very "well-loved" and we didn't come home with any.  But we had a great time in the toy room!  There were a lot of things that Ellis couldn't play with (small toys, cords on the floor, etc) but there were a lot of things that he could and he could probably entertain himself in there forever.  I think it's a great opportunity to meet more local people.  We went on a Wednesday afternoon and there was only one other family there, so maybe it's busier on other days or the weekends.

I'm happy to find a new place to bring Ellis to.  We'll be back to play!

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