Happy resurrection day!  Easter is one of my favourite holidays.  I have lots to share today!  

Easter 1984

Back to 2015.  Ellis looked ridiculously dapper in his Easter suit, although I didn't get any good pictures of him in it.  

From church
Easter baskets are a family tradition.  I couldn't resist!  

Nothing in this basket was new to Ellis except the easter eggs and the felt carrots that I had made a couple of months ago (which he was so not interested in).

But oh, those eggs.  He could entertain himself with those for a thousand years.  Too bad they're small enough for him to fit the entire thing in his mouth.  Is it just me, or have plastic easter eggs gotten smaller and flimsier?

Carrots: my first (and only, so far) felt food.

As I was putting Ellis to sleep tonight I was reflecting on how much we love things to be full.  Full bellies, full easter eggs (no candy this year!), full nights of sleep, full wallets, full schedules, full tubs of ice cream (obviously this list is my own creation!)   We don't like things to be empty.  But today we celebrate an empty Jesus-isn't-there tomb.  From that emptiness we have fullness in Him.  Hallelujah!  

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