Many of the vegetables that we buy is grown in the Cameron Highlands.  Since it sits at about 5,000 feet elevation and the weather is much cooler, it can also grow non-tropical fruits like strawberries!  Strawberries are probably my all-time #1 favourite food so I was just a wee bit excited. 

The ones on the left are "American strawberries" and the ones on the right are "Korean strawberries".  The Korean ones are smaller and sweeter.

Perusing plant nurseries
We spent as much time as we could on lying on the grass.  I miss grass.  

Big guy in charge

I salvaged some roses from the garden that had just been pruned for Ellis to check out.  He loved tearing them apart and throwing the petals around.  I've been trying to teach him some "garden etiquette" (a.k.a. don't pick/destroy all the flowers) but this was an exception.

One of the relics of the British colonial days is tea plantations.  On our way out of town, we stopped at Boh tea, which is a popular brand of tea here and I drink it everyday.  The plantation was beautiful.  Unfortunately we missed the tour, so we'll have to come back someday for that.  We got some iced tea to go and hit the road.  

The restaurant
Even Ellis had some tea, but he enjoyed the drinking straw more.  

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