the 1st party

Welcome to Ellis's 1st birthday party! 

Instead of presents, we asked people to write notes for Ellis.  I'll tuck them in the baby book and someday he can read them!
 For dinner we had a "burrito bowl bar".  Ellis loves rice and beans!  A Mexican friend of mine made the salsa!
Taking a break for dinner


Why are these people singing to me?

He was in tears at this point

The cleanest part of his body?  His face - he didn't even try one bite!

Yummy fingers!
Bath in the sink.  24 hours and 2 baths later, I'm still finding cake bits on him.
Guests helped themselves to the leftovers.
Little Ellis gnomes were popping up in the garden

All in all, fifty people came to celebrate with Ellis - 21 of those were little kids or babies.  All people that have loved and cherished him and been a part of his life for the past year.  He is a very blessed boy! 

And for those who were with us in spirit (we didn't forget about you!) here's a video just for you!


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