KL weekend

We went to KL over the weekend.  Ellis had the time of his life chasing around the animals at Reuben's mom's place, and the animals had the time of their lives running from him.  My favourite things about the weekend were Dunkin Donuts and a quart of egg nog ice cream.  Happy mothers day to me!  

I love you
A few other tidbits: 

Reuben's mom has a big field in front of her house where people play soccer on the weekends.  Ellis and I went down to the field to watch for a few minutes.  Bonus fun Malaysia fact: there is quite a sizeable population of Africans here.  They are mostly from Nigeria and they come here to study at the universities.  Unfortunately, they have a poor (and hopefully unfounded) reputation with the locals who think them all to be con men and scammers.   They play a mean game of soccer!  

We also went on a little hike near Reuben's mom's house.  It's Ellis's first hike, I believe!  

Hold on!  

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