The fort playground

We went to a new playground today in Georgetown.  Ignore that girl with the pink wig on in the picture below.  There was an Anime festival happening on this day and there were a lot of people dressed up like cartoon characters.  Moving on, do you see that big brick wall in the background of the photo below?  

One of the best things about this playground are big trees for shade.

That is Fort Cornwallis.  It was built by the British in in late 1700's.  It's a museum/tourist trap now.

Right next to it, they built the playground and a big, grassy area called the Esplenade where a lot of local festivals are held.  In the picture below you can see another colonial building in the background.  It's a government building now.  

Baby swing!

Fun fact: Malaysians drink out of bags.  If you order a drink "to go" (or "take-away" as it is called here) it will not likely come in a cup - unless you go somewhere like Starbucks.  The only downside is that you can't set it down!

It's sweetened milk tea.

 Unless you can find something to hang it on.

 Like a giant, old, knobby tree.

We've been here before (and drive past it often) but had never been to the playground before.  Everybody had fun!

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