Bike seat

Reuben got a special gift for Ellis's birthday (was that almost two months ago now?)  We got a (secondhand) bike seat for Ellis!

It took us awhile to get out on it because we had a hard time finding a helmet that would fit Ellis.  We had to settle for the smallest one we could find.  So far, we've only taken it for a spin around the block (yes, I finally got out on my bike too!) Reuben's dream is to find a mountain bike he can install the seat on.

He wasn't so fond of the helmet, but the ride was pretty sweet!


  1. The smallest helmet we could find is the Specialized Small Fry and then we add a hat underneath!

  2. That's a good idea, Laura! The helmet straps are snug enough on him, but it slides sideways on his head anyway. I think a hat would do the trick.


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