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I'm working on a big letter writing project so I've been at the post office a lot lately.  Wondering where my mail in Penang starts from?  Today it's all about my post office.  Read on if you're interested...otherwise you can stop here! 

Here is our neighbourhood post office.  It's about a mile from where we live.

It's pretty much your average, run of the mill post office, except that it's also where you pay bills: electricity, water, internet, that sort of thing.  And long lines, of course (in Malaysia they would call it a "queue"), just like anywhere in the world.  The worst time to go is on Friday afternoon when they let most of their staff off to go to prayers.

Don't be fooled: There's usually only two windows open.  Mail has its own window and you don't need to take a number like you do for the bills.

If a package can't be delivered to our door and doesn't fit in our small mailbox, it goes back and waits at the post office for me to pick it up.  Below, the building on the right is where I go pick up my precious packages.  They know me well.

First stop, letter box!  They also have a box out by the street.

A standard size letter to the U.S. costs 2rm, which is about 60 cents.  There's a nice trivia fact for you!

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