Penang is so child friendly.  Ellis is entertained by people everywhere we go, and everyone is entertained by Ellis.  I've never gotten dirty looks for bringing him anywhere, and people are more than willing to lend a helping hand.  Strangers give him food.  Strangers want to hold him.  And strangers expect him to blow them a kiss, which apparently every Malaysian baby except mine knows how to do (we're still working on that skill).

Fortunately, Ellis loves the attention (except the holding-him part).  I took Ellis out yesterday afternoon to run around and he walked up to the two ladies in the video below and started talking gibberish to them.  I wish I had captured the whole exchange in the video below, because I just got the tail end of it and then he ran off.

It's not just the lady in the video.  Everybody here is crazy about kids!

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