Book O'Ellis

Ellis is crazy about himself.  He loves to give himself kisses in mirrors and looks at pictures of himself for ages.  He loves the book we made for him last year.  After his birthday party, I had a lot of pictures that I had printed out that I didn't know what to do with, so I decided to make them into a book.  I started with a boring board book that I was planning to get rid of, and used homemade modge-podge (1 part white glue to 1 part water) to paste white paper onto the pages.  This covered the pictures of the book and made it a (mostly) blank canvas.

I modge-podged the pictures and the text I wrote to go with it onto the pages.  I went over the photos with the glue and it dried clear.  It's not perfect but Ellis doesn't care!

This kid.  He brings himself so much joy!

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