I feel like I deserve a mom-chef award for this one.  I learned how to make my own chicken stock!  The secret ingredient: chicken feet.

I can buy chicken feet at the market for less than a dollar for a kilo, and I throw them in the slow cooker with some water and miscellaneous veggies (celery, onion, whatever was getting wilty in the fridge) for flavor.  Then I leave it do its thing for about a day.  After straining it, I cook down the liquid to make it more concentrated, mostly to save some space in my freezer.  I freeze it in a ice cube tray.  This totally revolutionises my cooking.  No more chicken bouillon/msg cubes for me!  This stuff is crazy healthy.  

A true story: The first time I made this, Reuben came home asked what was for dinner.  I pointed to the slow-cooker, he saw the chicken feet inside and got genuinely excited!  Apparently he has some experience eating feet.  I learn something new about the man I married every day.

And while I'm on the subject of chicken, allow me to introduce you to the man at the market who sells me my chicken.

It may have taken a little while to warm up to it, but I've gotten used to the idea of raw meat around.  I'm a little less afraid of it now.  I've learned to bring my own container for him to put the meat in, and I make sure I have exact change when I pay him.  Because I'd rather not have any money with chicken-juice on it, thank you very much!  What I cannot control, however, is how the chicken man loves to greet my baby with a handshake.  So. Not. Ok.

Despite that, the meat is super fresh and he'll cut it up any way I want it.  I can tell when the chicken we eat isn't from him, because it's just not cut as well.  I never knew I would be so fussy about my chicken!

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