Suffolk House

While my cousin was visiting, we had a chance to visit the Suffolk House in Penang.  It was built on a pepper estate in 1811 and served as Sir Francis Light's house.  Light was the founder and governor of the British Settlement in Penang.  The building fell into disrepair and was restored in the 1990's as part of Penang's World Heritage designation.  I love old colonial style buildings, especially the giant wrap-around verandas on the second floor.  I certainly wouldn't mind having one of those!  

The House was about to close to the public for a couple of months for the filming of the TV show Indian Summers.  The BBC show is filming its second season in Penang right now.  In fact, I ran into the leading actress at the grocery store last week!  The show is set in British India in the 1930's, and Suffolk House is one of the primary locations for the film.   

Ellis had his run-around the period furniture, which was all brought in for the filming set.

The Suffolk House is famous for their afternoon High Tea.  After meandering through the house and imagining myself as a proper British lady, we needed a classy "napkin-in-your-lap" kind of experience to finish our trip off.

We tried to include Ellis, but he wasn't interested.  He was much more interested in working up a sweat outside.   Time to start those etiquette lessons!

Nevermind.  Let's just have fun!

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