Trash to treasure

We have repurposed a lot of things in our home to become toys for Ellis.  One man's trash is our treasure!  Here are a few examples:

One of our laundry baskets was breaking apart, so I cut out the bottom and attached it to our front gate.
 Instant basketball hoop!

Round things are always fun.  Reuben got this tire from a construction site.

Empty containers - especially if they have lids - are seriously the best play-thing ever.  I scrounged around a bit to find some containers that could fit inside each other like nesting cups.  I was incredibly disappointed when we ran out of our precious parmesan cheese and Lawry's garlic salt (oh, the things we take for granted in the U.S.!) and I'm glad Ellis continues to enjoy it.  (Don't worry...my cousin brought us more).

An empty hand soap container

The last time we were at the children's library they had a set of small-size hoops that Ellis loved playing with, and I thought it would be an easy DIY project.  I had Reuben pick me up some tubing at the hardware store and I shaped & taped them into hoops.  I put rice in one and popcorn kernels in the other so that they would make a bit of noise.

I was going to make a third, but Ellis seems to have more fun with the tube itself than the hoop.  

The best things in life are free!

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