One of my favorite ESL lessons to teach involves Japanese inventions.  Google "Japanese Inventions" and you can see what I'm talking about.  There must be some strange stuff going on on those islands, because the Japanese come up with the wackiest ideas.  And because of this, one of my favorite places to shop in Penang is a Japanese store called Daiso.  

Every item in the store is 5 ringgit, which is equivalent to just over one U.S. dollar.  Everything is made in Japan.   This store has anything you could possibly ever want, and it's all waiting to be discovered.  I never have time to peruse the store because I always have a kleptomaniac toddler strapped to my back, but I always find something new every time I go. One of my favorite sections is the craft section, of course.  Other sections include gardening, beauty, stationary, hardware, and glassware.  If we weren't here, I would definitely miss this store.  

Japanese snack food!

Here are a couple of items that I have purchased there recently:

Fabric storage baskets.  I use these to store Ellis's toys, and they fit perfectly in our bookshelves. 

Daiso has a huge and amazing craft section!  I get all my felt and embroidery thread there.  On my last visit I also purchased some chalk pencils and small scissors that hopefully will cut felt well.  

I love silicone!  I've amassed a sizeable selection of bakingware at Daiso.  I also bought a new set of measuring cups and spoons on my last visit. 

These small silicone bowls are perfect for Ellis and his teeny-tiny appetite.  I also got a cool stainless steel fork and spoon set for kids.

Washi tape.  I use this for everything. 

I just googled Daiso and guess what?  They are in the U.S. too - and there are half a dozen of them in the Seattle area.  Are they new or did I just not know about this before?  I guess I won't have to miss the Daiso here after all!

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