Cassia seeds

We made a quick trip to KL this week and got back last night.  Other than highway closures and lots of holiday traffic (it's not always a good thing to live in a tourist destination!) the trip was a success.  Ellis had so much fun playing with Patti's (that's the Tamil word for grandmother, pronounced like "potty") cats and dogs.  He was old enough this time that we took him to a new play place at a nearby mall.  

There are a million and one play places like this (only a handful in Penang) but this one had something unique: a cassia seed pit.

I learn something new every day.  Cassia seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine and can be drank as tea.  More importantly to me, they also are are a less-messy alternative to a sand pit and are all kinds of awesome.  It's like playing in a giant pit of chocolate sprinkles.  

Now that I think about it, Ellis spend most of the time playing with the cars and very little time playing with the seeds themselves.  What a boy.  

The play place had an upper level with a ball-pit, slides, trampolines, and climbing structures.

 I was telling a fellow mom-friend about it this morning and she responded, "Look what parenting has done to us!  All we talk about now is cool play places to check out and where to buy Cheerios."  True, true.

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