I made a new year's resolution this year to learn recipes from other people.  I've gotten into the habit of Googling recipes for the past few years and although it's sometimes fun to try new things that way, there's nothing like learning from someone in person.  Last week I learned how to make sushi from a Japanese friend, and there were a lot of things the internet could not have taught me.

Lessons learned: 

1.  Use vinegar powder.  It's the vinegar, salt, and sugar all in one.  Make the rice like normal and add the powder.  Instant sushi rice!

2. Put the seaweed shiny-side out.  

3. Dip your hands in water so that the rice won't stick when spreading the rice out.

4. Don't try rolling sushi with an 18 month old boy.  He may try to eat (and spit out) the crab sticks.

5. Leave room at the end and roll tight!

6. Don't put too many sushi on the serving plate.

"This is not good," she said.
These are little fried tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice.  So good.

7.  If you fail at number 4, try Japanese television.  Works like a charm.

8. Enjoy!

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