Almost, not yet, already

Advent is upon us! The word Advent - at it's root - means "coming".  It's about hopeful expectation and joyful waiting.  I have been listening to Rain for Roots' new Advent album called "Waiting Songs".   The artwork below is called "Mary consoles Eve" by a sister from the Mississippi Abbey (the poem accompanying it can be read here).  It inspired the lyrics from a song (listen here) from the album called "Almost, not yet, already" - lyrics below.

Almost, not yet, already
Almost, not yet, already

Eve, it's Mary
Now I'm a mother, too
The child I carry
A promise coming true
This baby comes to save us from our sin
A servant King, his kingdom without end.

I'm taking "almost, not yet, already" as an anthem this Advent season.  I remember that Jesus is the infant Messiah I wait for with expectancy - he's almost here!.  Yet he's the One who already saved me by crawling out of that manger and onto a cross.  And for Him who has not yet come, my heart cries in this weary world, maranatha: Come, Lord Jesus!

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