Decorating day

Aww I love to look back at last year's tree trimming.  How things have changed.  I decided that it was a lost cause to try to keep Ellis from playing with the tree at this stage, so this year, the tree is all his.    Ornaments are in the form of cookie cutters and felt.  The base of the tree is zip-tied down to keep it from toppling over, although Ellis has come close a few times.  I'm going to have to come up with something new for the star on top, because it didn't last 24 hours.

Taking a break from decorating
Reading the Christmas story with Grandpa.

Trying to get a gecko off the wall.  Story of my life. 

I've kept my hands busy in the past week sewing some felt Christmas ornaments for the tree.

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  1. So so cute! I love how creative you are! Miri has free reign with our tree too. She lives it, and I love that I can just be relaxed and not constantly have to tell no.



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