We did a couple of fun things in KL which I will try to write about.  One of KL's most famous locations is KLCC, (Kuala Lumpur City Center).  The towers are offices but down below there is a shopping mall, and surrounding it is a big, beautiful city park.  

The park has a great water park for kids.  

Ellis is not into loud water sounds.  He loves pools and all sorts of "free standing" water, but fountains and waterfalls are too much for him.  We weren't here long!

Mall entrance.

Merry Christmas!

Food court

Malls  are the one place we can see festive Christmas decorations here, so we generally end up at a mall on or around Christmas day.  They may not celebrate it like we do, but it's fun to see people of all cultures and backgrounds enjoying it.  'Tis the season!

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