A single hope

I have some crazy plans for this year.  Some will come to pass, some will not, and some just park themselves permanently in the realm of possibility.  In times like this, it's easy for me to find things to put my hope in.  You would think I would learn from let-down after let-down that there is only One thing that cannot disappoint me. It's a lesson I have to re-learn often.

I started a new journal recently.  It's a minor detail that may not mean much to you.  But it means a lot to me, because God, in his sense of humor and/or timing, works it out so that the start of a new journal happens at a significant point in my life.  It happens every time, without fail.

God knows what will be written on those white, blank pages ahead of me.  It may be some things that I hoped for.  It may be some things I hoped not for.  His great mercies are in both.

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