2nd Birthday party

  Stop the traffic, close the road, Ellis is turning two years old! 

The line-up:

Ellis celebrated with lots of new friends.  They're old friends to me, but everyone here is new to him! However, yesterday proved to be pretty rough on Ellis, and the combination of jet lag (still!) and being on a new schedule is catching up with him.  He needed a little break from his own party.  
My high-school friends

And now for the cake!  Not only is this kid into heavy machinery (anything with wheels, or that makes noise, really), but this cake is also an ode to Penang, because the island is practically one giant construction site, much to Ellis's delight.  Can I also say how easy it is to make a "dirt" cake?

And in case you were wondering the best way to eat a construction cake:

With a digger, of course!

All his presents were truck or truck related, of course.

And now for the videos: 

Links to the videos here and here

We wish you all could have been here to celebrate with us!

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