We are home safe and sound!  Here are a few highlights of the trip:

This was Ellis's first time in an airplane, so I was the concerned rookie mom.  Ellis pleasantly surprised us by sleeping like a champ on all three flights, and the night we arrived he slept 11 hours. We'll see how night two goes!

A volunteer from the ASPCA was walking around the San Francisco airport with a therapy dog.  I was so thankful to have something to entertain Ellis for awhile!  

The first snow Ellis ever laid eyes on was on the beautiful mountain ranges of the PNW from above. There was still snow on the pass on the drive home...we must go back and find it!

My parents happened to be flying in to SeaTac just five minutes before us. They surprised us at the gate!  We stopped by IHOP for dinner on the way home.  Nothing says "Welcome to America" like a Thanksgiving platter and kids-eat-free waffles and chicken!

In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying the perfectly pleasant weather and family.  Stay tuned!

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