Joy in the journey

Hello from Colorado Springs! We just finished a three day road trip, driving from Washington to Colorado. Here's a fun fact: Reuben loves long road trips, but I'm more of a flying kind of gal. Somehow Reuben convinced me to do this with a 2 year old. "It will be fun", I think were the words he used. 

We camped the first night in Idaho, at a beautiful state park. The second night we stayed at a hotel in Wyoming because of poor weather conditions.  It was a good thing we did, because it was snowing when we woke up in the morning!  Today, on our way to CO, we experienced rain, sleet, dense fog, heavy winds, snow, freezing temperatures  (what Ellis likes to call "big cold") and tornado warnings.  

Before we left WA, Reuben prayed, among other things, that we would find "joy in the journey".  I suppose he had me in mind when he prayed that.  As I look back at the last three days, there were a million things to be thankful for:

A warm, safe room when we needed it. 
Complimentary hot chocolate in a cup that reminds me that it's contents are hot.
A comfortable and reliable car.
Two boys in the bed right now snoring.
A beautiful country to enjoy for hours and hours. ..and hours on the road.
Embracing flexibility, as one traveling with a toddler must be.
The opportunity and financial means to take a vacation.
Positive attitudes- especially mine!
Following along with a map.
Driving 80 mph with a clear conscience.
Clean rest stops along the way (go to a country like Nepal to see the shrubs and bushes they consider to qualify as a "rest stop")
That Ellis can tick five states off his checklist - that's 10%!
And to the wonderful people of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming who placed tractors, diggers, and other heavy machinery on the side of the highway, sincerely from a mom of a 2 year old boy, thank you!

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