Return to Bainbridge

Last week, we got to visit Bainbridge Island as a new{ish} family of three.  This little island, just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, is very special to us.  I went to school here.  Reuben and I got married here, and we lived here the first year we were married.  We have wonderful friends and a church here.  We've dreamed of sharing this place with Ellis for a long time.  

Bainbridge Island has pretty much everything we love about a place: forests in all shades of green, rocky beaches, miles of trails, wild spaces begging to be explored, friends, and fond memories.  We got to visit our old church and connect with friends. We spent a lot of time outside, and when we did go inside, our host, who just happened to be a professional chef, completely pampered, wined and dined us.  Why did we ever leave??
I got to return to my most favorite running route one morning.  I ran to the beach where I used to come early in the morning, before a busy teaching week, to pray and think and talk to God.  I finally got to say "thank you" to this place for inspiring me in so many ways.  The memories of who I was then run deep as I reflect on who I am now.  I was in a "Lord, I have faith, help my unbelief!" kind of place, which was a great place to start, but not a healthy place to stay.  I had to live out this faith and walk in it.  I had to struggle and grow and change.  I had to die so that Christ could live in me.  The direction hasn't gone exactly as I might have planned, and some of it hasn't been realized yet.  Faith hasn't made it easy, but it made it possible.  Faith allowed me to look past my present circumstances and toward future glory.  Faith gave, and still gives, me grace to say no to things so that I can say "yes" to God. This faith may be a bit to small to move mountains, but at least I'm starting to climb them. Faith allows me to let this place, and the life that went with it, go, because I believe that God went before us out of this place and led us to Penang.  He put a new song in my mouth. - Psalm 40:3

God brought me here for a season, and what a rich one it was.  I'm so blessed to get to come back.  I get to share this with my son and revisit it with Reuben.  The visit is very different this time around with a new perspective and a 2 year-old, and I get to see it through different eyes now.  Time is short, but it is precious.  Until next time!

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