Land of the Rising Sun

Do you know what time dawn breaks in the land of the rising sun? Daylight comes around 4 a.m. in Japan, and I know because I have been awake and waiting for it every day this week, thanks to a 16-hour time zone change and a 2-year-old that has no idea what is going on.  We are here visiting our dear friends and who Ellis refers to as Gigi and Baba (Japanese for grandfather and grandmother), who live a couple of hours West of Tokyo, in the beautiful Japanese countryside.

Fortunately I have managed to stay awake enough to learn more than the the happenings at 4 a.m. here.  This is my running mental list of what I also know from the first few days of our trip to Japan:

Ellis loves seaweed, sushi, and fish eggs.
Businesses hand out paper cranes to their customers.
Forget fold-out changing stations.  They have full size beds that fold out from the walls in the accessible bathrooms.  
Heated toilet seats are highly underrated in the U.S.  
Bathtubs auto fill themselves, with the push of a button.
Ellis might possibly be the loudest and most noisy person in the country right now. 
The weather-person tell you how to dress based on tomorrow's forecast. For real!:

A John Deere tractor, a last minute addition to our suitcase,  was very much worth its weight in luggage space.
Ellis has an uncanny ability to find tractors and heavy machinery anywhere in the world.
Waffles come in the shape of fish, stuffed with red bean.
Ice cream is served with corn flakes, and pancakes are on the dessert menu.  



And finally, beautiful Mt. Fuji from the distance.  How blessed we are to be here!

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