Six years

Being married six years might seem like a lot or a little time depending on you who are reading this.  To me right now, it feels like a handful of both.  It feels like a long time because six years is practically a decade - and to think that I got married before I even had a smart phone.  And it feels like no time at all because I still have so much to learn about this guy, watching him live life in his own faithful way.  One would think that six years would be a long time to watch someone, especially someone you live with day in and day out.  But the past six days, in particular, have taught me mountains about him.  I came down with the stomach flu last weekend, and it was this guy who set aside his own plans to watch Ellis and fed me saltines like a mama bird.   It was this guy who made sure I had a full water bottle next to me and spent our six-year anniversary day keeping Ellis so that I could spend the day in bed.  Love isn't about the extravagant gifts on all the right calendar days, but the little things at just the right times.  He's always had this way about him, but I could never quite fully see it because I never have needed it so much.

Celebrating six years with you, Reuben.  Loved you then, love you still.

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