Beautiful world

Showing up here after over a month of not writing anything (don't be counting, it's been more than that), I felt you deserved a bit of an overview of life as of late.  The general outline goes as follows, let me just get that out of the way: We had four family members visit us in Penang last month, and right before that we moved into a new apartment.  We're becoming a family of four in October (but if you're reading this, you probably already knew this bit!), and we are four weeks into our six-week visit to the U.S.  There you go, I think that covers most of it.  Oh yes, and we got to spend time in this beautiful place ~
As much as I looked forward to this trip to get some much needed rest (ha!), a break from cooking (true) , and cooler weather (questionable - it was 104 degrees F (40 C) today), some breathing space was what I really needed.  And receive it, I did, at least for a few days, up at the foot of beautiful Mount Rainier.  Camping isn't what it used to be before children, and pregnancy throws some challenges in there, but there's nothing that the constant consumption of hot chocolate and fresh blueberry muffins can't fix.  Ellis had a blast and gave all the chipmunks on the mountain a run for their money.

And because God knows my tender heart can't take much right now, I've pretty much been camped out on the same few passages of Scripture since my return here, mostly of the garden variety - branches and vines, death and life and fruit.  Maybe there will be more about that later (maybe not), but there is some serious gardening going on here, of the heart nature.  The ugly winter kind of pruning as well as the budding of some sweet hope-filled fruit.

What a beautiful world.  

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