First day of preschool

After the jet-lag had subsided, Ellis officially started preschool last Wednesday.   When the classroom door opened on the first morning, he ran and hid under a picnic table.  He eventually walked into the class on his own two feet, but collapsed again onto the floor just inside the door.  But no tears occurred, so I consider that a success.  The following morning drop-offs also involved Ellis on the ground, but he's being brave and loving it by the end of the morning.  School officially started on Aug 2nd, so he's missed a couple of weeks and everyone else's 3-year-old school-jitters have calmed down.  He has some friends that he knew in the class already, and he said after the first day, "I felt nervous but my friends made me feel better."    

The biggest impression that school has made on him after three days seems to have been learning how to sit "criss-cross apple-sauce" - and for those of you who don't know what that is (or lost the ability to sit like that), that means to sit on the floor with your legs crossed in front of you. Life skill to check off the list.  

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