Board Games

I've reached the point in my pregnancy where all I want to do is lay down, propped up with at least three, but preferably more pillows.  Unfortunately, Ellis will have none of that.  Fortunately, I anticipated this and have recently introduced Ellis to the wide world of board games.  I went crazy at a few thrift shops back in the U.S. and came back to Malaysia with a giant stack of games, many of which were the stuff of my own childhood: Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Cooties.  I've been gradually introducing them to him and, for moments here and there, they are a life saver.  Do you see this picture below?  We are playing this game on a bed.  Tired moms everywhere, take note.

The trouble is, he's only three, and they don't hold his attention for long.  Most of the time they turn into some sort of circus, like the following.  But I'll take what moderately still moments I can get. 

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