How to see the world and eat apple pie

One of my favorite children's books right now is called "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World" by by Marjorie Priceman.  It's a charming little book about a little girl who wants to make a pie, but the market being closed, she has to travel all over the globe to find the ingredients.  She sails to Italy to harvest the wheat, takes a train to France to find a chicken (because French hens lay "elegant eggs").  She travels to Sri Lanka to collect cinnamon bark from the native kurundu tree, then finds her way to England to find a cow for the milk to be made into butter.  On her way to Jamaica to harvest her sugar cane, she hangs off the side of her boat to collect the salt from the seawater.    The only qualm I have about the book is that she chose Vermont to pick the apples...Washington pride coming through.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun (and delicious!) to use the recipe at the back of the book to make an apple pie myself and see the journey that it took.   It wasn't quite as exciting of a adventure as the little girl's in the book (no jaguars were disturbed in the harvesting of my cinnamon), but entertaining nonetheless.  

Apples: the fruit shop at our local morning market.  The Granny Smith apples I ended up buying were vaguely labelled "U.S."  We do get Washington apples here, but they are normally marked as such, so it's anyone's guess where these were grown.  

Eggs: Locally grown, purchased from my "egg lady" at the morning market.

Here's the lame part, where I chose the path of least resistance and bought the rest of the ingredients at my trusty baking shop (shown below) at the morning market.  Butter - New Zealand.  Flour - "Manufactured" in Malaysia, unclear where it was grown.   I don't even know if Malaysia grows wheat!  Sugar - Made from from locally grown sugar cane.

Salt -??  From my kitchen. Cinnamon - Labelled as "packed in the U.K.", bought from Tesco.   I know...LAME.

Reading books, traveling vicariously around the world, and eating pie (...or in Ellis's case sugared pie crust trimmings because he doesn't even eat pie. More for me!)  
A few of my favorite things.  

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