W is for Worm

A fun trip to the pet store across the street from lunch on Sunday turned sour quickly when Ellis refused to get back into the car until he got a real, live pet to take home.  He sobbed the entire car ride back, I want a mouse for a pet!  As if reasoning is even a thing with a three year old in distress, we were able to convince him of how great it would be to find a pet bug from the garden.  He found a worm that he was happy with, but the poor thing got lost as soon as he brought him home.  That was my fault, actually, and now we have a tiny white worm named "Jesus King" wriggling somewhere in our living room.  Though affectionately named, Ellis luckily wasn't too attached yet, and trip number two to the garden was also a success, as he found a larger (thus less lose-able) worm.  

Meet the first (and former) addition of our family, "W" the worm.  Ellis's first responsibility was to spritz the soil with water to keep the him nice and moist.  

Still too small to see

W didn't survive the night, and we're not sure what happened to him.  Either he shriveled up and disappeared, or he escaped to join Jesus King.  When Ellis found out, he said "Oh well, we don't really need a pet right now".   I am hoping his affections for his baby brother won't be so fleeting.

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