Happy Brother-day

{Note: I wrote this post three weeks ago but never got around to posting it.  It's old news now, but stick around for a short update at the end.}

Becoming a big brother is hard.   There are some serious jealousy issues going on in our house, and Ellis has decided the best way to deal with it is to become a baby again.  He wants his car seat facing backwards.  He wants to sleep in my bed.  The list goes on and on: Take a bath in the baby tub.  Wear a diaper.  Be swaddled.  Lay on his back and require others to gaze at him affectionately.  We are trying to encourage him with the merits of brotherhood, like how he gets to help and teach his brother new things.

So we decided to declare a holiday when Jesse was one week old called "Big Brother Day".  The brothers exchanged gifts - Ellis got to pick a gift for Jesse, "Jesse" got to pick a gift for Ellis.  Ellis made a cake and decorated it himself.  We had balloons and read books about brothers.  We celebrated one week of brotherhood and gushed about how special it is to have a new boy in the house to love and take care of.

A couple of weeks into this brothering-gig, we've all made progress on several fronts.  When a woman was joking with Ellis this weekend that she wanted to take Jesse home with her, Ellis said that he wanted to keep the baby.   Baby steps in the right direction!  But I suspect what all the other parents keep telling us is true:  the jealousy never goes away.   The Day Of Brotherhood might need to become an annual tradition.  I'm writing it in my calendar now.

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  1. I don't remember that you kids were ever very jealous of each other.


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