Ellis's fourth birthday

I've eaten so much chocolate cake these past few days that I can barely stand to look at these pictures.  Which means only one thing, Ellis turned four today! We decided to go small for a party this year and he had two friends over for swimming, dinner and cake this past weekend (but let's be honest, each child had a sibling so it totaled six children).  Don't be deceived by the dinosaur cake; it suffered a devastating collapse before the party.  Fortunately the kids were too mesmerized by the prehistoric creatures to notice.  Afterward Ellis said it was the "best birthday party ever!" 

We then made cupcakes for his class which we brought to school today.  

And because I had batter left after the cupcakes, a cake to share with the neighbors.

Ellis got to choose where he wanted to have dinner, and he chose the food court we go to every Friday night.  He had his usual, udon noodles and fried chicken.  

Happy birthday Ellis!  

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