One of the ways we kept ourselves busy this past summer is in the garden at Ellis's school.  Living in an apartment in the city, we really miss the opportunity to get our hands dirty, dig, and watch things grow.   Children here rarely get that kind of freedom, and it was good for us.  I think we were the first people from the school to volunteer in the garden....for fun!  I took these pictures and wrote a lengthy post in June, when we first got digging and planting.  It was full of beautiful metaphors about plants and seeds and children and growth.   But I ended up scrapping most of it, because by the time school started up again a few weeks ago, the fruit of our labor was three beans.  Yes, you read that correctly.   Three.  So the summer of gardening didn't turn out exactly how I expected it to be and the metaphors all broke down, but it was fruitful in other ways.  Ellis had a lot of fun in the dirt.  We invited friends to join us, and we watched the kids make mud soup, turn themselves into mud monsters, and taste peanuts harvested straight from the soil.  The beautiful bounty that I had hoped to harvest with Ellis didn't happen, and he isn't eating any more vegetables now than he did before.  But it was fun while it lasted! 

I realize that I didn't get any good photos of the actual garden.  Maybe next year!  

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