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Sorry it has been quiet around here.  The truth is, I started an Instagram account and I've found it an easier way for me to share the smaller and more every-day-life kinds of moments.  That's what life is mostly made up of, right?  The good news is, you can head over and check it out there.   Link [here].  This doesn't mean I'm giving up this website, though, so don't give up on me yet!

Brief life update: Life is still going on steadily, Jesse is crawling everywhere and eating all the miscellany on the floor, and I am frantically trying to keep our floors clean-ish.  This is no easy feat.  For a variety of reasons, Ellis isn't returning to preschool this school year, so a home full of boys is keeping us busy.  It's overwhelming at times, but I am excited I am about how we get to spend that time instead.  This also means that, contrary to what we had decided before, all four of us will be returning to the U.S. in October-November.  Stay tuned!

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