Lessons on American Life

A couple of months ago, Ellis asked, "Is there such a thing as shorts with long sleeves?"  Yes, I answered, they're called pants.  In light of such questions, and since we are headed to the U.S. in just over a week, we deemed it necessary to do some cross-cultural orientation for the children.  Lesson number one, otherwise known as "This Is A Casserole", admittedly wasn't the best one to get started with.  Lesson number two, or "How To Wear Socks", went over well.  The third lesson, called "Things With Sleeves" was a huge hit.  Ellis couldn't contain his excitement at having a real pair of pajamas (they sleep in a regular t-shirt year round).  Jesse had a new and exciting thing on his arms- a sleeve- to chew on.

Things are getting really exciting over here!  

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