We have a National Park about a twenty minute drive (also known as "one story from the House at Pooh Corner audiobook") from us. We went exploring this morning and we made some pretty cool discoveries.  Here's a few snapshots of what we found: 

A dead horseshoe crab

A very long bamboo see-saw

A dead monitor lizard.  Also in the water are mudskippers that Ellis ran for but could not catch.  In the distance you will see some platforms that make up a small fishing village.  

Barnacle shells...we read yesterday that barnacles produce some of the strongest glue in the world!  

We brought some fishing nets and we caught a couple of tiny fish.

I also spotted a sand angel 

And using our bird guide we identified a great egret and a little egret.

On the walk back we saw monkeys hunting for crabs and a caged fox that was headed to being released into the jungle.   Ever the adventure!  

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