Birthday week

Last week was an eventful one.  Reuben returned from Nepal on Monday.  I took a language test on Tuesday.  Ellis turned five on Wednesday.  I baked two rounds of cakes, and visited the baking shop probably four times.  Jesse had a mysterious 24-hour high fever.  Ellis had tadpoles as pets, who had a disappearance rate of 50%.   He also lost a pet spider.  We searched all over for white eggs to dye for Easter (not as easy as you might think!).   I was summoned for jury duty in Yakima.  And last but not least, Ellis's birthday party was on Saturday.  Ellis is our Maundy Thursday baby, and this year his party was the day before Easter.  We surprised the kids with a little egg hunt in the garden.  

Ellis has had 4 out of 5 of his birthday parties right here at our pool (he spent his 2nd birthday in WA).  How he has grown and what a special little man he is becoming!  

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