Reuben's birthday and Father's Day are always really close together, so the latter half of June is full of celebrating.  We got him a waffle maker for Father's Day, so there has been a lot of morning celebrations over breakfast, dinner, or any time of day that merits doughy pockets full of butter and syrup.   

Ellis really wanted to build a campfire at the beach for his birthday.  More specifically, Ellis wanted him to build a campfire and an excuse for buying marshmallows.  We went to the park a few days before, where Ellis carefully selected the tinder and the kindling.  The imported marshmallows were purchased.  The weather seemed to have other plans; it was a blustery evening, but the resident fire-maker did his birthday magic in the windbreak of a tree, and we had enough to roast a few marshmallows.  

What's a more perfect spot to have birthday cake?  

 I could not imagine a better dad for these little men.   I'm a little late on here, but Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!

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