Three on Thursday

Here are three things I am loving lately, for your Thursday!

1. Better World Books.com.  There are two things that set this online bookseller apart: they sell second-hand books AND have free international shipping.  That right there is a golden combination for me, if ever there was one.  They sell a lot of ex-library books, so many of their books have great, sturdy binding, still in good condition.  They also have sales every month or two, so wait for those to get 25 or 30% off your order.  They carry many out-of-print titles, which is helpful for me when I come across old children's book authors that I love and feel the need to hoard every book I can from them.  I actually think it was trying to dig up books from the 1960's "Science-I-Can-Read" series by Millicent Selsam, that I discovered the website in the first place.  We've got a happy little collection on our shelf now, my hands-down favorite being Greg's Microscope.  I'm going to pretend that Arnold Lobel was drawing Ellis and I in this book (see picture), and keep pretending that this is what our family looks like on a daily basis.  Who knew my favorite literary mother would be in a Level 2 I-Can-Read book?  In fact, I started writing a whole blog post on this book I love it so much, for many reasons.  It's a very fun read if you have small inquisitive children in your life - Greg's Microsope by Millicent Selsam.  It's a gem.

2. Thai Iced Tea.  For being within a 2 hour drive of the Thai border, Penang has an inexcusable absence of good Thai food, Thai iced tea being one of them. I always need caffeine in the afternoon, and anything hot just makes me sweat even more than I am already sweating, so I have been looking for an iced beverage.  I finally ordered a bag of tea online for $3 or so.  The tea mix has the special kind of Thai tea leaves which have some sort of vanilla flavor, orange coloring that the drinks are known for, and a tad bit of sugar.  Brew, add sweetened condensed milk, and voila!  Thailand in a cup.

3. The Revelation Wellness podcast: Reving the Word.  This podcast has single-handedly gotten me back into running in the past month or two.  I don't know how she does a podcast and exercises at the same time, but the host, Alisa Keaton, is a fantastic communicator, Bible teacher, and fitness instructor, all in one.  It's like going to church, studying my Bible, working out, and a therapy session all in one.  Another golden combination!  I really can't say enough about it.  There are also podcasts called "Be Still and Loved", which is the same kind of podcast, except without the exercise component.  If you need somewhere to start, on my run this evening I listened to podcast #346: The battle belongs to the Lord.    These podcasts always seem to be what I need right when I need it, and I'm going to have to listen to this particular one a second time around, with a pen and paper in hand.  It's an hour well spent.

So there you have it, my favorite things this week.  I have other things to share of course, but hopefully I will do another installment soon!

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