Barnacle babies

It's not uncommon for us to make a trip to the beach more than once in a day, because our life can be ridiculous like that here.  Yesterday we found a loose rock with some barnacles stuck to it, that we were able to watch feeding.

Because I knew we were going on our weekly Friday pilgrimage to the beach that evening, I agreed to bringing the barnacles home for the day.  They quietly sat at our kitchen table all day, and, as it turns out, barnacles make wonderful house guests.  Talk naturally turned to other pets and Ellis asked if he could have a cat for Christmas.  Sometimes parenting forces you to utter things you would never imagine having ever needed to say, such as, "If you can't take care of barnacles, you won't be able to take care of a cat."  We're not ready for a more high maintenance pet yet.

I made my first GIF!

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