Jesse's 2nd birthday

Last week we celebrated Jesse's second birthday!  This little guy is full of personality and life and we are so glad God gave him to us.  

We didn’t plan anything complicated or fussy for his birthday this year.  Our biggest decision was whether we should top his cupcakes with Hotwheels, cats and dogs, or toy insects.  He loves bugs. Further, he will chase and pick up anything that crawls upon the ground.  He’s had some near misses with crabs and washed up jellyfish on the beach recently.  He was sprayed by stink bugs several times  last week and seemed to revel in it.  We are also avoiding the garden where a cobra was found a few days ago for that very same reason.  😳 Anyway, We ended up going with the Hotwheel cupcakes and spend his birthday at Entopia, a butterfly/insect/anything that crawls-or-slithers-kind of place.  I don’t really know how else to describe it, but everyone had a great time.  We even (myself included) got to hold a scorpion!

Happy birthday Jesse!  

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