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November greetings to you all!  It’s been awhile.  As most of you reading this would already know, Reuben has been in the US for the past month and is returning shortly.  We are counting down the days.  And I have had the task here of holding down the fort.  In my house this has meant waffles for dinner, grocery store delivery, a precious babysitter, and the nearest fast food drive through, which happens to be KFC.  I also signed up for Netflix for the occasion.

I have adopted the “if Julie Andrews can be a better parent to my kids than I right now, Julie Andrews it is!” guideline while Reuben is away.  It is working well.  And that kicks off the beginning of my list of favourite things to watch.

1. Julie Andrews Greenroom is a Netflix original.  Julie Andrews (think Sound of Music) and a whole cast of puppets are putting on a theatrical and every episode focuses on a different aspect of theatre.  Every week they have celebrity guests to perform and explain to them what to do.  Who better than Josh Groban to offer a voice lesson?

2. Brave Wilderness on YouTube was a totally random discovery while researching horseshoe crabs. He has an odd series where he gets stung by various venomous creatures on purpose, but Coyote Peterson and his crew are a delight as they tromp though the wilderness and explore and share the adventure with us.  We have picked up a lot of tips and tricks and useless facts from him.

3.  Bob Ross, the Joy of Painting.  What’s not to love?  I expected Ellis to be skeptical of this one at first, but he’s all in.  I just need to be prepared with paint supplies and plenty of time after we watch, because painting will follow.  You decide for yourself which is the original and which was inspired by the painting titled “Dimensions” .

4.  The next two are on my own to-watch list.  I have been loving the Gone With The Wynns channel on YouTube.  They’re a couple who are sailing around the world in a catamaran and their two cats.  I wouldn’t have expected to find this all very relevant for me, but it didn’t take me long to learn how to Jibe Ho and buy a dinghy boat and cross the Panama Canal.  I consider myself to be an accomplished sailor already.  The couple is wonderful to sail around the world with, and it is the perfect escape, which to be honest is what I need right now.

5.  People have big feelings about Anne with an E., a Netflix original.  I get it.  No, it doesn’t stick to the storyline in the books and yes, they take a lot of liberties, but the spirit of the characters is there and the show is superbly done.  I’m halfway through the second season and for every few lines I’ve written here, I have wondered whether I should put this aside for the evening and continue watching because GILBERT JUST CAME BACK.

In fact, I think I will do just that.  Happy watching!

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