New life and an update

Perhaps an update is in order.  I'll back up a bit and begin by saying that in the middle of March, Malaysia went a swift and strict lockdown.  The kids and I didn't leave our apartment complex for, I'm forgetting exactly, somewhere around 6 or 7 weeks.  Reuben was helping someone get groceries every week, so he was the one to valiantly brave the public places and get the essentials we needed.  The one thing the boys were able to do outside of the house was to ride their bikes up and down the five levels of covered parking we have in our building.  Jesse learned to ride his balance bike and has gotten quite skilled at tricks like wheelies.  Considering the news we are taking in from the rest of the world and the US, we are grateful for the measures that the Malaysian government took.  Our state (and most of the country, except for a few hot spots around KL) has had no new Covid-19 cases in over TWO months!  The new SOPs are our new way of life: signing in and taking temperatures scans at any business establishment, and of course, mask-wearing.  Our church has resumed meeting in-person at 1/3 capacity, but no children allowed, so we still worship at home over Zoom.  We've gotten together with a handful of friends and are getting out to the beaches and the parks again.  And thank goodness, the school library re-opened (by appointment only).   In the next few weeks, most schools will have re-opened.  The borders are still closed, and they're strict about a 14 day quarantine at designated centers for Malaysians returning.  Sorry to say, you can't visit us yet, although I think being here would be preferable to the places where I know most of you will be reading this!  

After we started being able to get out and about again, we brought home a couple of caterpillars that were happy to munch on leaves in our bug box for a few days, and then, as if they knew what we were hoping, made cocoons and transformed into butterflies.  The Lime butterfly we identified and released in the garden on a lime tree, so we can visit it when we want to.  We've got another very hungry caterpillar we are hoping will do its magic soon.  I can't help but imagine how thrilled God must be to do this, over and over again.  It'll never get old to see!

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