Three years

Guess who turned three years old today!  

Three years have slogged and yet flew by at the same time, as time always does.  Little boy-hood replaced baby-hood overnight, it seems, and suddenly I realise that Jesse’s never had a hair cut, is ready (but not willing) for potty-training, and now is requiring books of his own from the library.  So today, in the midst of colds at home and a resurgence of COVID on the island, we stayed in and ate cake, read the same favorite books over and over again, and played with monster trucks all day.  If there ever was a great time to be three years old, I think now would be it.  

Jesse: lover of looking for the moon, catching crabs at the beach, being chased down slides, and calling people “poopy-face”.    We love you 💛

Let's be real, kid-birthdays are not always all that fun for the parents who have to hand wash all the cake-bowls and spatulas, among other things.  Sentiment doesn't always come naturally to me on crazy celebration days like this.  So once a year or so, I turn to the music of JJ Heller to force-remind me of the joy of motherhood.  She never disappoints.  Link to her video here.  

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